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Remote Therapeutic Monitoring For Behavioral Health

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Built for Healthcare Providers:
Manage symptoms, optimize therapies and
track progress - all in a simple digital solution. 

We want to make your day easier.

Mental Health assessment workflows are cumbersome with multiple steps including printing, disseminating, collecting, returning and scoring survey instruments. Ultimately, this process can breakdown and the Healthcare provider does not have the  information needed to manage symptoms and optimize therapy.  Our goal is to automate and simplify the assessment workflow to ensure results are collected in a timely and painless manner.


What is EasyAssessRX?


Managing mental health issues can be stressful. As a parent of a child with ADHD, I wanted to streamline the assessment process and created EasyAssessRx.  With the guidance of a Clinician, we started with Pediatric ADHD, and added other openly available Survey Instruments to enable HCP's.  


Simplify the workflow for all Stakeholders.


Now, the Healthcare Provider can easily administer, track and use survey Instruments.

The Patient or Parent no longer needs to print surveys, or wait for hard copies in the mail.  No need to distribute copies to the Teacher, then pick them up and take them to their HCP.


One simple process:

Clinician:  Saves valuable time.

Patient/Parent:  Reduced frustration and stress.

Teacher:  Saves time. Surveys are taken and submitted on their smartphone, or laptop. 


HIPAA compliant and Secure.

Surveys can be taken on smart phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops.  No setup, downloads, or installs required!

Built with the guidance of a clinician by a parent with a child of ADHD. 


How the Platform Works


Create a Workflow

The Psychiatrist/Healthcare provider configures and administers a workflow

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Assessment Collection

Workflow participants automatically receive notifications when actions are required.  Assessments can be completed on any device.


Assessment Progression

The psychiatrist and authorised participants can view workflow progression to complete tasks and send nudges along the way. 

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Workflow results are scored and individual assessments can be viewed digitally.



Optionally, export results as PDFs 

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Replace paper surveys

Enable your Patients with easy to take digital surveys.  Make it easier for parents and teachers to manage these surveys.



For Adult patients taking the mood disorder survey, send them a link to take and submit the survey daily.

Survey Workflows and Dashboards:

NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scale - Parent (Initial and Follow-up)
NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scale - Teacher (Initial and Follow-up)

Screen for Child Anxiety Related Disorders (SCARED) - Parent
Screen for Child Anxiety Related Disorders (SCARED) - Child
Daily Mood Disorder Survey

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